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crab King bug

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首先建造四艘船以围封帝王蟹,然后在帝王蟹附近建造可燃建筑物(木墙,小木牌)。不要 在站立的船上建造可燃建筑物。然后使用星光棒点燃可燃建筑物。这时,灭火器开始工作,然后帝王蟹将被冷冻,然后站起来殴打他。

这是在没有将帝王蟹嵌入宝石的情况下完成的,换句话说,您可以 不放入宝石就将帝王蟹击倒,请修复此错误。

Steps to Reproduce

First build four ships to enclose the king crab, and then build a combustible building (wooden wall, small wooden sign) near the king crab. Do not build a combustible building on the ship you stand on. Then use a star stick to ignite the combustible building. At this time, the fire extinguisher Start working, then the king crab will be frozen, then just stand and beat him.

This was done without embedding the king crab with gems.In other words, you can knock down the king crab without putting gems.Please fix this bug.

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User Feedback

 I found a bug.When we use a hypnotic bomb on the new boss (made by the blueprint of the toad from the underground cave) Crab King Will disappear But we just can’t see him, we can still attack him, he won’t attack us. Please fix this bug thanks

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