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Game crashes around Boarilla point

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Whenever I reach around Boarilla and higher, my game buzzes and then crashes, I'm not sure why, I have no mods enabled. It usually happens when I use my ability (I play as Wolfgang, if that helps at all) it only tells me that it encountered an issue, nothing else.

Steps to Reproduce
Unsure, happens at random

User Feedback

I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) which is on page 2 atm. Check it out GeoDashPro51. If our crashes are being caused by the same problem (and ur description of the problem sounds similar), if you set your Sound FX volume to 0 it should stop your crashes from occurring.

Can you try this and see if it stops the crashes from happening for you, and get back to this and let us know? Hopefully Klei will fix this problem properly for us, but if this temporary fix works for you, it'll establish that these crashes are all coming from the same source issue.

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