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Getting hit out of bounds

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If you have Agro on Boarrior as Woodie or any character that takes agro easy that can take multiple hits while pressed up against the Boarrior while he does a combo attack, you may get hit out of bounds. This is honestly an easy win but difficult to do and if you are any other tank, you can not do anything else, so Woodie or any DPS that can take that many hits may be your best bet, just remember that he can't hit you, you can hit him, you can't get back inside and you cannot get healed by the healer.  I have no idea if anyone else has done this but if you have, congrats on that free win.



Steps to Reproduce
Wore the Marble Plate Armor as Woodie, kept agro and was stuck in the bottom corner as Boarrior did a combo move on me.

User Feedback

Hey @Rajclaw, welcome to the forums. Getting out of bounds was a common thing even in the normal DST gaming experience which is why the chat code "/rescue" was created. Although I haven't personally clipped through the land edge and went out of bounds in The Forge, I think the /rescue chat code should technically still work for The Forge.

So again, simply open chat (default: Y) and type in the follow command and enter:


This wasn't really broadcast to everyone as an option that a player can do once they get out of bounds or push off from the land.

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