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Wonkey and the skins of the previous character

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i dont know if this is really an issue, but in every character with a complete skin, wonkey changes arms, and legs, but never the body, it keeps the same skin from the previous player. However, when the monkey queen turns you back into a normal character, the skin´s head turns into default one, which is weird because legs and arms doesnt have that problem


Steps to Reproduce

1. turning into  wonkey with a whole skin

2.the queen of monkeys changing you into your original character

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User Feedback

As a player collects Acursed Trinkets, their hands and feet turn into monkey hands and feet. They also get a monkey tail. We override the skins for this so it can be seen. 

When you turn into Wonkey, you keep all of your skins other than the base skin. Though hands and feet and tail are still overridden. 

Turning back to your original character will put you in your original base skin you had selected.

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