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[WITH SOLUTION] Modded recipes with a name different from product crash if their blueprint is spawned.

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Modded recipes with a specific name, different from their result, will result in their blueprints crashing, because blueprints attempt to concatenate the recipe's name, which is nil. (In most cases anyways.)

A simple solution would be to use the recipe's product for the name.

--@blueprint.lua, 186-189
inst.recipetouse =
        (#unknownrecipes > 0 and unknownrecipes[math.random(#unknownrecipes)].product) or
        (#knownrecipes > 0 and knownrecipes[math.random(#knownrecipes)].product) or

And while we're here, can you please make the beefalo ice costume blueprint's prefab name be something else?
If a mod adds a recipe for ice, that'll overwrite it.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a recipe. with a name different from it's result.
Spawn several (random) blueprints


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