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When Farm Plant exist in the world but Brightshade nearby, the Rift doesn't go searching for non-Farm Plant target plants

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If there are Farm Plant exist in the world, but those Farm Plant can't be turned into new brightshade because they're too close to another brightshade. Rift will spawn 0 gestalt per wave, instead of going searching for other non-farm plant target plants.


Sorry, this video is a little rough, need to listen carefully. You can hear the sound of rift spawn gestalt, but no gestalt is being spawned.

(In the video, I used the TMI mod to spawn two dragonfruit next to the Rift for demonstration. But their presence anywhere in the world has the same effect.



Steps to Reproduce

1.Plant two Farm Plants and making sure the distance between them is less than 3.

2.Wait for the Brightshade spawn on one of them. (Only one brightshade spawn because of spacing limitations.)

3.Stand next to the Rift and skip few day, and you'll hear the sound of brightshade gestalt spawn, but none of the brightshade gestalts are being spawned.

4.Wait a few hundred days and no any Brightshade spawn in your world.

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