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[re-report] Twins of Terror AI breaking when character is on beefalo

Pig Princess
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I practiced fight with Twins of Terror on a beefalo (default with glossammer saddle, because why not), and noticed that unlike in fight on foot Twin often just waits right next to me when I kill suspicious peepers. This creates situation when Twin - especially it's noticeble in case of enraged Retinazor - just spams peepers, patiently waits until I kill them with 34 damage per hit (I would be screwed with 6 hits per peeper on foot), then spawns them again and doesn't attack me. To make things worse it sometimes ends it's charge above water so I can't attack it with melee weapon, and at that point fight basically stops. AI seems to function normally when I start to deal damage to mentioned Twin, as well as if it decides to charge again at me instead of spawning peepers as it's next move.

Steps to Reproduce

1.Create world for practice fight, for example, light's out one.

2. Give yourself domesticated beefalo and summon Twins of Terror.

3. Lead one of the twins away from the other, wait until it decides to spawn suspicious peeper.

4. Don't deal damage to this Twin; wait right next to it or kill all the peepers in vicinity, notice that Twin still patiently waits for you and just spams new peepers until it takes damage.

alternative option:

3. a. Lead Twin away from other and let it's charge end above water. Realize you are unable to fight mentioned twin.

4. a. Lead the other twin above water. Congratulations, your only option now is either deal ranged damage or let Twins of Terror despawn.

Also notice that this doesn't happen every time. I'm not sure of what exactly happens, but when affected Twin decides to randomly do "angry" animation (when it remains at place and shakes) it seem to "heal" AI until next time it breaks. But I had times when I could indefinitely sit right next to Twin, I don't think I'm just "lucky" with Twin deciding to spawn suspicious peeper every time (and Twin doesn't do any animation, it remains static except animation of spawning next peeper).

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