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Ocean Debris often getting stuck inside structures with collision

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Here's an old issue that has persisted since ocean fishing was first introduced and it has irked me for too long.

When fishing up ocean debris onto your boat, there is a pretty decent chance that it can land in the middle of structures with a big collision box, like crock pots, bird cages and the like, too far from the player's reach.

Most of the time, this forces the player to destroy the structure to get rid of the debris or somehow catch the debris on fire without burning anything else on the boat. Not only is it a distraction on the boat, but it will also gravitate the player when using space.

I believe adding collision to the debris itself could lead to the risk of it potentially pushing the player into the sea, so perhaps a decay timer instead? Around 4 - 8 minutes should be ample time to pick a regular debris.

Steps to Reproduce

Fish ocean debris while standing between a structure with collision and the boat's edge for a chance of the debris to get stuck inside the structure.

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