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Misaligned Camera anim positions

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I was able to confirm this was in fact a new bug introduced in the Maxwell beta. I'm hoping this can be fixed before release, it's been driving me insane.

The player animations are not aligning with the directions they were before I opted into the beta.
WA + WD facing directions are different in the beta compared to outside of it.
This makes it impossible for me to remember where the "default" camera position is, which is a commonly used trick.

Steps to Reproduce

Opt into the beta branch and run around.
In the Maxwell beta it seems the running animations aren't affected by camera positioning at all, unlike outside of the beta.
Outside the beta holding W and either A/S would always result in seeing the back of the character, where as in the beta holding W and S would show the back, whilst holding A instead would show me the side view of the character.

User Feedback

Update hit live, issue still exists.
 Never mind? Relaunched and it doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

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