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Just a few things I've discovered during the Wilson Refresh beta

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I'm listing a few things I've noticed from testing.

-Switching shards doesn't save re-specs with the Wardrobe. Portal re-spec untested.

-I'm still unable to unlock the Kill Fuelweaver task.

-There's an odd stutter with the new boss while attacking. Half of my attacks get canceled.

-I can't store anything in my beard with the skill that unlocks it.

-Beard Storage didn't seem to be active with an already grown beard. Only tested at max stage.

Steps to Reproduce

They're all fairly self-explanatory.

1. Spec naturally, switch from surface to caves or vice versa, and your points are re-allocated to what they were first allocated to.

2. Simply kill the Fuelweaver before or after getting 12 per points, only to see that the objective doesn't unlock.

3. Attempt to attack the Nightmare Werepig and you'll see that a lot of attacks will stutter and cancel before you can hit it.

4. Unlock the Beard Storage, attempt to put literally any food item in it.

5. Grow beard, re-spec to Beard Storage, no beard storage appears.

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