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Items Stored In Monkey Hut Are Stored At 0,0

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Go to monkey island.

Powder Monkey steals a distinguishable item (say a Panflute) and run back inside. 

Hammer their house. Nothing comes out.


See that the panflute is in a random location in the world, probably 0,0?

ALSO, powder monkeys can steal key items, like Chester's Eyebone, which proceed to be spawn not at 0,0, but in some random location on the map.

Steps to Reproduce



User Feedback

Upon further investigation, if the server is shutdown, these items will go into an X-mark the spot. So instead what the bug is, is that there are ghost items spawning at probably 0,0; as you can't actually pick it up.

This was done on a caveless server, which I don't know if that plays a role.

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