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Interacting torches with manequins

Mr Giggio
  • Fixed

When u put the torch on the manequin the game crashes. I was using the Carved stone skin but I thin it didnt mattered 

[01:03:06]: [string "scripts/prefabs/torch.lua"]:95: attempt to index field 'skilltreeupdater' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    scripts/prefabs/torch.lua:95 in (upvalue) getskillfueleffectmodifier (Lua) <94-102>
    scripts/prefabs/torch.lua:162 in (field) onequipfn (Lua) <130-163>
    scripts/components/equippable.lua:95 in (method) Equip (Lua) <87-102>
    scripts/components/inventory.lua:1077 in (method) Equip (Lua) <991-1093>
    scripts/prefabs/sewing_mannequin.lua:32 in (field) onaccept (Lua) <24-33>
    scripts/components/trader.lua:124 in (method) AcceptGift (Lua) <101-136>
    scripts/actions.lua:1647 in (field) fn (Lua) <1634-1657>
    scripts/bufferedaction.lua:25 in (method) Do (Lua) <21-35>
    scripts/entityscript.lua:1463 in (method) PerformBufferedAction (Lua) <1450-1474>
    scripts/stategraphs/SGwilson.lua:8997 in (field) fn (Lua) <8996-8998>
    scripts/stategraph.lua:641 in (method) UpdateState (Lua) <609-653>
    scripts/stategraph.lua:679 in (method) Update (Lua) <672-698>
    scripts/stategraph.lua:128 in (method) Update (Lua) <109-146>
    scripts/update.lua:285 in () ? (Lua) <221-295>

Steps to Reproduce

Craft a torch

Craft a manequin

Put the torch in the manequin

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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