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Grass tuft spawning gekkos with other gekkos around

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I've trapped a gekko near my grass farm to avoid new spawnings. When i was harvesting grass at night, more gekkos has spawned.


Steps to Reproduce

Build a grass farm like mine and harvest after expired spawn gekkos time.

User Feedback

I took a quick look at the parts for this in grass.lua and it looks like you'd need 6 gekkos (TUNING.GRASSGEKKO_MAX_DENSITY) within 20 units (TUNING.GRASSGEKKO_DENSITY_RANGE) for it to not pop out more.  So for your setup, add in another 5 into the pen with a bigger pen to house the others to prevent more from popping out.  Or I think there's a worldgen option to disable the gekkos entirely if you don't like them.

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