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bio scanalyzer will not move after it scan depths worm

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Recently,I play wx-78 in beta.

I found that if bio scanalyzer scan depths worm,after it scan successfully,it will stay flying and not move. Especially when two or three worms together, or worm and slurper together. of course,bio scanalyzer‘s target is worms.

And I leave it quite a few minutes and return,bio scanalyzer will drop in the ground,and unlock that technology.

Steps to Reproduce

choose wx-78,go to the cave.

use bio scanalyzer to scan two or three depths worms at the same time. Or use bio scanalyzer to scan depths worm and slurper at the same time.

bio scanalyzer‘s target is worm.

it not always happen, and if there is one worm,it will scan successfully and no bugs here.

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