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  1. I try Wilson this time and create a new file which not compatible with hamlet, it still happen. I delete the game and keep those files, then download the game again, it still happen. Another problem is we know that Wheeler can doge, but when she equips lazy explorer, it can only teleport, she can’t doge. PC can use Mouse, but controller can’t do that. I don’t think these bug will be fixed, since the update of this game maybe abandoned. But I still hope it can be more perfect, and more like PC version, which is more playful and less bug.
  2. NS 1.0.7 Usually in DLC,first if we equip log suit,then equip football helmet. We would consume football helmet first , then cosume log suit. But I found that it comsumes log suit first. And no matter how I change the order, it still comsumes what your body’s equip, not the head’s equipment. Such as I equips football helmet, then equips log suit, or I equips log suits, then equips football helmet, all of them consumes log first. I try many method,jump world and change person,such as Warly changes to wheeler,or robot to Warly I create a new file, starting at Wheeler in hamlet,it still happen.
  3. Actually, not only in adventure mode, it also appears in non-adventures mode. When I stores thing in navi, it also crash.
  4. NS version 1.0.7 I create a hamlet pig house in ROG,and put things in that house,May be many things. It keeps warning that: scripts/components/lootdropper.lua:attempt to index local ‘v’(a number value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/prefabs/wheeler _tracker.lua:76 in (upvalue) CanGiveLoot (Lua)<49-85> scripts/prefabs/wheeler _tracker.lua:101 in (upvalue) TrackNext (Lua) <87-121> scripts/prefabs/wheeler _tracker.lua:286 in (upvalue) refreshoninterior (Lua) <281-289> scripts/prefabs/wheeler _tracker.lua:291 in (local ) fn (Lua) <291-291> scripts/entityscript.lua:926 in (method) PushEvent (Lua) <920-943> scripts/components/interiorspawner.lua:864 in (method) FadeOutFinished (Lua) <745-933> scripts/components/interiorspawner.lua:1069 in (local) cb (Lua) <1069-1069> scripts/frontend.lua: 413 in (method) DoFadingUpdate (Lua) <377-417> I really love this game and hope it can be fixed
  5. Sorry for my poor English. I found that when I change person by jump to a new world,there noperson special item. In hamlet world 1,I use robot jump to hamlet world 2. It can change person,so I change robot to Wheeler. But in hamlet world 2,wheeler lost her gun and navi,I don't know what happen. I try to jump hamlet world 3, it still happen. I really hope it can be fix,and I don't know if I change other person ,not wheeler,it will happen again. I really love these game,sorry again for my poor English,it is not my first language.