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Big Bernie unfinished art

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During the RWP Klei livestream for the Willow rework, one of the artists had responsed to a comment asking about the art for Big Bernie, with them stating that his art was unfinished and would be touched up to be more accurate to Bernie's smaller form soon, at the time.

This never occurred, and Big Bernie varies vastly compared to small Bernie, unlike both big and large Ashley which are almost entirely 1:1 on model, as they were made at the same time.

I am making this report to hopefully bring this back to artists' attention to clean up sometime when the artists are less busy with current tasks.


Steps to Reproduce

Compare the art of both large and small Bernie, notice the many inconsistencies between the stuffing, colors, and burn patches, including the differences between his head and body shapes.

These issues aren't present on the 'Ashley' skin for Bernie, leaving the skinned one 1:1.

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