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Banana Bush Growth

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Sometimes the banana bush grows but visually it has not.

I believe this comes from the weirdness of using both the 'pickable' and 'growable' component at the same time for Banana Bushes, which gives the banana bush two timers to grow twice(?)

    inst.components.pickable.picksound = "dontstarve/wilson/harvest_berries"
    inst.components.pickable.onpickedfn = OnPicked
    inst.components.pickable:SetUp("cave_banana", TUNING.BERRY_REGROW_TIME)
    inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn = OnTransplant

    inst.components.growable.stages = BANANABUSH_GROWTH_STAGES
    inst.components.growable.loopstages = false
    inst.components.growable.springgrowth = true

The pickable:SetUp call is most likely what's causing the issue, giving it another growth timer seperate to the ones from the growable component and causing it to 'grow' twice.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Pick some banana bushes

2. Wait

3. Notice you can pick them sometimes even though they havent fully grown.

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