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Bad Encoding For Backuped Log Files On Linux... Again

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This is a desparate re-re-report of the ancient bug that makes the lifes of Linux server hosters even more diffucult. Maybe this QoL could finally save us.

This was tested on at least 4 different machines with Debian and Ubuntu. The newest server_log.txt file in the shard's root directory has not this problem, so it looks like the issues only appear when the files are being copied to the backup folder.

Here is the latest report if you haven't seen it yet.





Steps to Reproduce

1. Let your Linux server print out some unicode characters into the console (e. g. š, č, ř, ä, ...)
2. Reboot it.
3. Check the newly created server_log.txt file in the Master shard's backup/server_log folder.
4. See that it ends at the position of the first unicode character that appeared. 

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