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Bad Encoding For Log Files On Linux

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When the game's log file is being moved over to the backup folder, for some reason it's content is cropped from the first unicode character (e.g. a letter with diacritics) to the end of the file. This happens with both, client and server log files (chat logs as well). I tested this behaviour on 3 different machines running various versions of Ubuntu Linux and got identic results. On Windows 10 this seems to work just fine, it doesn't display the special characters correctly but at least the log itself remains intact.

This problem makes it very hard to debug a restarted server that crashed and makes archived logs pointless, since basically the only thing that's needed to corrupt the logs is a printed player's/mod's name with special characters in it. Especially if the server's main language is not english.

Similiar problem was already reported a few months ago by Creastwave here.

I would really appreciate any fix to this highly frustrating issue (and I am not alone).

Thank you :)

Steps to Reproduce

Print out any special character to the game's console on linux, for example:image.thumb.png.be6ea90a62a30d2dc476460a1de1a229.png.

Restart the server/client you are running and check the end of the newest log file that saved in your backup folder.

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