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Ancient Guardian didn't appear

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I was going to fight Ancient Guardian just for fun, but he didn't appear. It happened just in the world that appears in the image. I tried to replicate the bug by doing the same things I did in 3 different worlds, but he spawned normally. (All of them had "Too Many Items" mod and "Map Revealer" mod).

Don't Starve Together.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

What I did in the first world was:

-Create a new world 

-Choose wurt 

-Reveal map with "Map Revealer" mod

-Turn on caves (I forgot that it was turned off) 

-Change the world to steam cloud, then to local files, then to steam cloud and then to local files again.

-Enter the caves

-Reveal the map 

-Get items from "Too Many Items" mod

-And go to the Ancient Guardian arena.

As I said, I tried to do these things and replicate it, but it didn't happen.

I don't know anything about programming, but I'll leave the world files, just in case.

Caves.zip cluster.ini Master.zip

User Feedback


Was it just the Ancient Guardian that didn't spawn?

There's a very rare bug where anything that respawns after the ruins reset(clockworks, guardian, statues, etc) won't generate upon world generation. I imagine this is what happened to you.

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