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Abigail Summoning Position Bugged

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When playing as Wendy and using the flower to summon Abigail she will spawn offscreen. She then floats back to Wendy from offscreen. I believe the position for Abigail to spawn has been slightly altered as it seems she will consistently spawn in a fixed distance away from Wendy. Below I have attached two videos, one with no mods, and one with Aerial View to see where she spawns.  


It works with bonded Beefalo as well!

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Create a new world 

Step 2: Select Wendy as your character

Step 3: Summon Abigail using her flower

Step 4:When the animation for summoning is complete Abigail will not be beside Wendy but will spawn outside of you FOV. 

Video one shows the process without mods.

Video two shows where she spawns with the help of mods. ( I relaunched the server to enable the mod.)



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