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A Problem with making new save files

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I have started a new game with the reworked WX, currently on day 37 and it's spring time. I wanted to test something out on a separate world so I tried to make one but encountered a few issues:

  • The time it takes to generate a world seems much longer than before (Still, not that big of a problem)
  • The new worlds I make are just copies of the only world I had in the beta, which is the world I play the WX on. Not only are the worlds the same, all the progress seems to be done. Every time I make a new world it will start with day 37, it will be spring and the name of the world will change to the name of the original world (So if the original WX world is named "Wx playthtough" and the new world is named "testing", the name of the new world will be "Wx playthrough")

Do these issues come from the fact that this is still beta branch or is steam cloud the source of the problem?

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Have your worlds be saved in steam cloud
  2. Make multiple worlds with the same settings
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