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A Closed Polar Bearger Bin Is Not Immune To Toadstool's Spore Attack

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There used to be a bug where spore clouds on top of closed iceboxes would still spoil the contents of the container, despite other closed containers preventing the spoilage from occurring.

This was fixed long ago but with the new Polar Bearger Bin, a similar issue is occurring where the contents of closed container is spoiling due to Toadstool's spore cloud.


Steps to Reproduce

Take a closed icebox and a closed Polar Bearger Bin.

Get toadstool to spawn a spore cloud on top of both of these containers.

The contents of the icebox is safe; the same can't be said for the Polar Bearger Bin.

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User Feedback

Looping and bringing this thread back, I noticed yesterday when I fought Misery Toadstool that even though my food was in an Ice Box, it still spoiled when I accidentally placed a spore cloud over it.

It might not be just the Polar Bin that's affected.

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