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2 bugs: (1) some hits don't go through and (2) shift-click does not move some foods

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Regarding issue 1, when staying still and pressing F, some hits don't register correctly: my character (wilson) does the hitting animation but no sound is played and the target doesn't lose health. The attack was definitely not canceled by moving, because i wasn't moving and just staying still: for example when fighting a beefalo. In this case my kiting pattern is to hit 6 times, but only some of the hits are able to lower the enemy's hp, with an apparently random pattern (e.g., sometimes, hits 1-3-4-6 would go through, other times 1-2-4-6, other times 1-2-4-5-6,…). The only things that I noticed are that the first hit always goes through and that no more than one hit at a time is missed (e.g., I never had a 1-2-5-6 pattern).
The weapon in use doesn't affect this problem, and it also presents when attacking while riding a beefalo. 
I haven't played DST in some time, so i don't know when this was introduced, but a friend of mine told me she experienced this even in the release version when playing WX-78. Indeed, i have tried all three versions of this beta (545108, 545254 and 545481) and i had this problem in all. 

(EDITED) Regarding issue 2, if I have a fridge and crockpot open, I cannot shift-click on some food items to transfer them to the crockpot. The issue is present also when moving from fridge to inventory and vice versa, and also from inventory to backpack and vice versa. I have not tested with chests though. 
This issue appeared with version 545481 (wasn't present in the previous 545254).


Of the foods in this picture, i can freely move between fridge, crockpot and inventory only the birchnuts. None of the crop seeds can be moved either (specific or generic), and neither can potatoes and peppers

Steps to Reproduce

Regarding issue 1 and 2: i have three server-side mods (Insight and Realistic placement and Simple Health Bar DST), and three client-side mods: Action Queue RB2, Geometric Placement and Combined status, though i used them in the past without encountering these issues. 

Regarding issue 1: i am running macOS Catalina 10.15.7; my friend is running Windows 10.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 22.09.12.png

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