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WildBore Houses on fire dont spawn wildbore

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In the regular dont starve, RoG, and DST, If the resident Bore is inside the House while it is caught on fire, they will immediately come out to avoid the fire. If the Bore is dead instead, a new one will spawn inside the House and leave. But in Shipwrecked, no matter if the pig is alive inside the house or dead, the WildBore House will not move the Bore outside or spawn a new one. I am sure that this was not implemented on purpose, but rather that it was an accident and they forgot. I hope they change this, because this can be very important for farms and other things. Please fix this if you see this report, thanks.

Shiprekt glitch.png

Steps to Reproduce
What i did was purposely light a wildbore house on fire, with an ice flingomatic ready to put it out, but no Bore spawned. I then tried again, using multiple different methods, and still nothing. All that you would need to do to have this happen to you is light a wild bore house on fire in any way, and you will see that no bore comes out.

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