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  1. I had the same issue and found if you make the final connection with a liquid bridge, it will not crash your game.
  2. I have long since overwrote this world. I cannot replicate it in my current world. It must not be an issue anymore, as it was reported over 3 months ago
  3. I have had this happen several times. About 0.5-1% chance of getting a purple gem instead of a shadow creature.
  4. It only crashes when I have the mod "Replace PigGuard Torches" enabled. It will crash every time I go to town with the mod on. It never crashes when I have the mod turned off.
  5. I was stomped to death by BFB and he took my corpse away. I awoke in his nest with 0 health and am somehow alive. I seem to be in limbo and cannot interact with anything.
  6. Game crashes when trying to return to the pig village after surviving 3 days of aporkalypse and resetting calendar. This was the third aporkalypse in this world and was the first one that I kept going in order to see the pig celebration. Edit: It was crashing because of the mod "Replace PigGuard Torches" That mod is not compatible with the pig celebration and fireworks. porkland_5.txt
  7. The end's well spawned with an eroding totem in the same place. Cannot interact with well using controller and it is difficult to use a mouse on as well.
  8. Game will crash when leaving a pig shop with the lazy explorer equipped. Also will crash when leaving a treasure room (the kind you need to explode your way into) Edit: Also going into the treasure rooms will cause crash. Edit 2: Also when leaving the slanty shanty
  9. I can confirm this is a known issue. You have to use keyboard and mouse to smelt for now.
  10. Here is a world with all but one of the naturally generated shops vacant. Half of the ones in my own hamlet are vacant as well. porkland_4.txt Extending the temperate season in settings has no effect. Changing world size to large seems to have no effect either. Edit: extending the duration of the temperate season works now
  11. Placing lawn turf next to other turfs can cause crashes depending on how you place them
  12. I put the stone egg in a chest and forgot about it for about 20-25 days. All of a sudden Ro Bin's and gizzard stones started popping out of the chest every 15 seconds or so. I let 4 spawn and took the stone inside a house. Another one spawned at my feet in the house. I went outside and dropped the stone egg. It immediately disappeared. I still have 5 Ro Bin's. Two of them don't seem to follow their gizzard stones.
  13. Here it is. I changed it to .txt porkland_5.txt
  14. There are dozen of files in that folder. How would I know which one is for my save on slot 5?
  15. Permanent blank face, that's creepy. I also realized that Wilba is missing her face while doing most actions as well as walking through the fog without a pith hat on. Although she seems to have a face while walking sideways.