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Whale hacking bug

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I killed few whales (both kinds). And I waited for about 7 days so I could hack them. When I sailed to them, everything was ok, I could hack it, no more waiting. But when I hacked each one of them, it always exploded and I heard the splash sound but I got nothing from them. No loot, no meat, just nothing. I tried to sail around in a bigger circle, but still nothing.

This problem has appeared after the Eye of the Tiger Shark update. In Hang Ten was everything fine. I don't play with some custom character.   

Steps to Reproduce
Killed one of them with arrows(mod), another with blow darts, another with machete and so on. Seems no connection of bug with type of weapon. I tried also to spawn some whales by a console. Still same result. Tried also let it be for so long that it'll explodes by itself. Still nothing.

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