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used teleporter from SW to GnG and crashed

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I was playing with Wilbur and i found the teleporter to send you to RnG, decided to take it was only day 3. game goes into world generation but prior to loading it failed and show the error sign and the main line is as follows

.../common/dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/seaweed.lua:41: attempt to index field "blowinwind' (a nil value) 

my guess is theres a problem with having seaweed in RnG?? any thoughts 

Steps to Reproduce
step one was finding the mechine , then i yolo clicked on it to go back to RnG

User Feedback

:-( same with me... and WORST! i was on day 384 with webber, my pooh lil' webber, my game, CRASHED BOTH!

anybody... plis send help

error klei.png

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