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  1. hi!... it's me again. after 3 years are you still playing this? (pls say yes ) sooooooo... any chance you mayyyybe update this KICKASS mod? is just, everytime i activate it... the game just closes itself without crash window or anything; is just, i just dicovered that is the "machete slice" option what makes it crash. when i disable it... the rest works. i triedmy best to repair it and... i failed. thanks and... i hope you read this (and re-work this babe, c'mon!)
  2. hey... this looks fantastic! (OP in my opinion, but WHAT THE HECK i give it a try ) mayyybe (like the mine hat when runs out) create an unusable "worn out" version, and let the player repair it with living logs? JUST a recommendation. not an obligation of course! and thank you for the mod BTW
  3. HIDEOUS! HOREENDOUS! TERRIBLE IDEA TEEEEERIBLE IDEEEAAAH! 10/10 IGN, proud of you, son makes me feel like batman memelicious
  4. i most admit, i like the fact that you guys took the time to make her resemble the iconic DSt style instead of just copy/paste a chibi-ficated one. maybe a few perks character-relate could make her cooler? (like the leek is as harmful as lucy, and just last like 10 hits... but the attack period is reaaaally fast? or she dances to make herself happy at the expense of losing lots of hunger? just silly ideas )
  5. ok, this is SERIOUSLY COOL!
  6. Hey! this seems pretty cool! but i don't quite get the vemon pakims that well... when you're poisoned, it heals you? or it always heals? BTW: tiger packims looks hella cute, (but it will be cooler if it also gave a "drying aura" like the thermal stone... a very tiny one, like it let you dry 10% faster), or if vemon packims give you a little sanity aura (make it more expensive, like full 9 vemon glans). but i'm not going to be a choosing beggar, thank you for your kick ass mod
  7. that's seems like a pretty cool idea! (at least i put to use those darn shell pieces)
  8. OH MY GOD! THEY LOOK AMAZING! i'mma test them right now! (ehm... those walls melt in summer & dry season?)
  9. hey Klei developers... i know this sound rather clingy-fan-stuff but, i have a little idea for funds raising you may find useful: why dont you make a twitch in wich we donate you, in exchange of you LIVE design a character... or a boss or a mob or biome or whatever. show us your process of creation! like with chester, but instead of a kickstarter, you design for us LIVE sketches of a new character/mob/boss if you reach a peak of donation... if you reach (for example) $1000, you take the suggestion from the public on what caracteristics/attacks/life/loot a FANS-DESSIGNED boss will have. or the resources and dificulties a new biome may have, or a new oficial character! of course, not everybody will like the idea of a fan-made villian/biome/character... so you make it ito a klei's official MOD that people install at will c'mon! it may be fun! what's the worst that could happend? just try it once
  10. billy... normally i would agree, micro-transactions are AIDS to the game industry... but this case is different. 1) read this part :"IN ADDITION TO the chance of receiving them as drops" that means you're not forced to buy from them, and you can get them FOR FREE anyways. 2)they are not EA, they are not Ubisoft, Bethesda or Konami... they are a small company of Canadian folks trying to make something they love, please the fans AND be able to make it to the next month, (easily they could just... move away from a game that, let's face it, is not THAT popular anymore) consider that 3)also consider that shipwrecked and Don't stave together actualizations are FREE! and guess what, is really expensive to put time and effort into design how this implementations work, coding, graphically design the new items. if things flow for them, they may keep put more stuff FREELY into Rog AND SW. instead of abandoning it in the state it was (before this announcement) 4)have you considered that... you're buying a game that ALL BY ITSELF (Vainilla + the 2 dlc's + DST) cost like, 40 dolars? (sorry, i don't know the price in dolars because that's not my currency... but converting the cost steam gives me from pesos to dolars is roughtly dat) instead of an incomplete triple A that costs 60$... plus the money from new weapons + characters + extra missions yadayadayada... adn you end up paying like 150? 5 and more important) they're working on a new DLC... and at the moment they don't have money to develop it, and waiting until they finish a solid beta will finacially ruin them. 6)because you hate so much microtransactions of this kind ... why don't you go and order one of their physical products that they offer in their store? so... they don't need to do it! and you'll help them as well! i understand your completely rational hate towards microtransactions (F*CK DEM! F*K DEM HARD!!1! RIGHT IN DA P00SI!!!), but please, understand that making games is dificult, time/effort consuming, and they are into the developement of a new proyect, and they need our help. (THIS is the only time and company that i'll support microtransactions, but is because i understand them) so, don't be salty, if they were crappy developers, LOOOONG time ago DST would be month subscription, mods would have fees (like certain company of tw*ts SCREW YOU BETHESDA!!!1!) and DS+RoG+SW would be plaged with microtransactions please, Klei, make us proud with this new content like you did with Oxigen not included
  11. weird... the hound pack dissapears when dropped on the ground... (has not image, i still can pick it, but in invisible unles equipped), also it makes me RIDICULOUSLY FAST!!! not 10% more fast, but like... TWICE FASTER! also, things like helmets and armors of you have no image when dropped on the ground, so they are "invisible" unless picked up is a bug, for sure, but i wanna confirm... anybody else is having it?
  12. sooooo... this thing still functioning? is still working in the new versions of Ds/SW?
  13. mhej! is not cool, it makes the game so easy, to the poiunt of boring. maybe, if instead there was a hard- to- obtain/craft weapon that chops-mines faster (like the pick/axe) but thank you anyways, i'll try and see if it works
  14. forget about it... i just realize it said "dst only" so, is my fault because i play 'solo
  15. WAIT! IT WAS YOUR MODE? i have a SW + RoG world in the day 1000' (and like 7-9 modes as well) i thought it was that... ehm, thank you. OH and the improvement to the traps/flower picking is wonderful! btw: frankly, i really don't understand the one with the fireflies... you put close to them meat and they "eat" it and other one appears in that place? or how does it work?