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Tree remains standing after chopped

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Sometimes, when chopping trees, they remain standing after I've chopped them down and gathered their materials. I saw this bug mentioned in another post, but it was kind of a confusing post and the "known issue" status applied may have been regarding the "wind causes sapling to grow on open ocean" issue.

So to clarify, this issue I'm covering is that the tree appears to remain standing, even though it has already been harvested and remains unchoppable. You can see in the image that despite having the axe equipped, mousing over the tree allows me to "examine" rather than "chop."

While I'm at it, I've also noticed vine bushes that I can only "examine" despite having the machete equipped. This only happens when the vine bush becomes a snake spawn point after I've hacked it. I don't know if vine bushes should be allowed to become snake spawn points after they've been hacked, but the fact that the bush looks normal despite being harvested caused me a lot of confusion before I realized what had happened.

[EDIT]: My wife is playing DS:SW too. Not only did she have this same issue, but when she used a shovel to uproot, say, a grass plant that appeared harvestable but wasn't, the plant would disappear entirely. She was not able to recall if her issue was specific to hurricane season or not.


Steps to Reproduce
I only have noticed (or only remember) this issue occurring during hurricanes, when the tree sways at the same time that I cut it down.

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This also happens with twigs its similiar so i am putting it here it was during mild season though idk why there was wind but i picked it and when i picked it it was just on its side frozen like it had not been picked it has only happened once though

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