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[Steam] Two Volcano-related bugs; Floods remaining. Spiders on water

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ISSUE 1: During Dry Season, I spend my time in the Volcano at my mini-base. When Dry Season came this time, I entered before the flood pools dried up. I left the Volcano once Dry Season ended (Altar was closed after a whole day of not feeding it) and came back to flood-soaked islands in Mild Season. A day has passed and they haven't gone away yet.

ISSUE 2: I'm playing as Webber, and set some spider eggs in the Volcano base. I had some spider followers when I left the volcano and... they came with me! Walked on the water and attacked some of the shark hounds for me. They can't come back on land. I imagine this may also work for other followers on other characters.

Fun fact: after a day, the spider followers will go to sleep and no longer follow webber (at least during day cycle), so it's not terribly abusive.


I don't use Mods. Rev. 168028. This save file was made during 'Wilbur Vs the Volcano.' Currently on day 370 as Webber.

Steps to Reproduce
For Issue 1) 1. Be webber. 2. Have Islands flooded. 3. Enter Volcano before floods recede and don't leave volcano until dry season ends. 4. After Dry Season ends, leave volcano. Islands should still be flooded, and seem to remain to be flooded. Issue 2: 1. Be Webber 2. Plant spider eggs in volcano. 3. Recruit several spiders (at least 5) 4. Leave Volcano. Spiders wil lwalk on water, following you.

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