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  1. Until they fix it, a temporary solution is to shovel up the flower, log off, log back in and it'll reset your max hp back to normal. If you log off with it planted, it goes back to thinking it's a meat effigy and takes a slice of max hp.
  2. Love it! She's still strong but has downsides that matter still!
  3. If that is the case, then I would assume the same of glowing jelly fish as well. Good catch!
  4. I was playing willow, and since she has fire immunity, i would burn items in my inventory for cheap lightsource sometimes. While in ruins, it works when you first light the item. However, if you try to go to another room while it still is burning, no light is emitted and charlie gets ready to attack. Pretty sure this is a bug, as it doesn't make sense on why something burning in inventory's light gets snuffed while entering a new room, but still is in the state of burning.
  5. I'm one of the ones who previously reported this. Glad others are also posting, it definitely is an oversight that needs correcting.
  6. Just turned off the aporkalypse, went back to my base where I have made an oddities shop. Stopped in to give the clerk two of my totems I collected along the way. He paid me, but also dropped the Lost Totems. In this effect, i have endless oincs! I thought it may be because my inventory was full when handing it in, but i cleared up my inventory some and it still kept happening. I believe the oddities shop man has limited inventory. Once he receives so many totems, he cannot hold them, so he drops them. But he still will pay you, because that's in the script. Therefore, I now have an endless supply of oincs from him.
  7. So i was testing wormwood out on Reign of Giants, planting seeds everywhere when I found a pile of seeds out of nowhere. Like, 25+. At first I thought nothing of it, but after I planted some more, that same spot got refilled by the exact amount I planted. I assume whatever makes seeds 'despawn' from our view was placed on viewable land or something. This also happened in the caves for me as well. I luckily was streaming when this happened and can provide some video evidence of this happening. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyTransparentWheelBleedPurple
  8. Bucket of Poop, Guano, and regular poop all heal 2 hp. And Healing with bucket of poop consumes the whole bucket for just 2 hp. That... doesn't quite seem right. At the very least, bucket of poop should heal 2 hp every 10% use, as is normal for fertilizing other crops. Personally, I also think Guano should heal a bit more than regular poop, doesn't even have to be much more. And while on the subject, rot is described as yummy by wormwood but still makes him lose some of his hunger and no healing gained. Probably could just use a text change of some sort. I absolutely understand why rot SHOULDN'T be beneficial.
  9. This ruined a run where I was going to see the celebration at pig town. . Then in came 5 of these mants i had not even seen on that island and wiped me out as i approached town. Worse, pig guards don't acknowledge them.
  10. To emphasize the issue with this: Woodie apparently cannot gnaw ruin vines in werebeaver form. due to this bug, Woodie literally cannot endure ANY of the aporkalypse as he's stuck in werebeaver mode. Unless he turns as he gets in the aporkalypse calendar. The only thing he can do is avoid it.
  11. This also happens if you chop tea trees near birchnut trees, funny enough.
  12. When you get the water of life and plant it, it functions just normally. One extra life and something to convert hunger into sanity. When you save and quit, then come back, you'll have some max health taken away as if it were a meat effigy. You can do a temporary fix of this if you shovel it up, save and quit, come back and replant it again at least. Still, pretty sure the magic flower is not supposed to do this considering it doesn't take your max health on planting.
  13. Happened to me too. Decided if the game is gonna cheat, i'll cheat too and consoled it out. I really hope this actually is a bug, because uh... eff that.
  14. Occasionally happens to me too. Thunderbird struck three times, 2 hit rod, 1 hit me and lit a cork barrel on fire.
  15. So in Lush Season, Woodie can get hayfever even as werebeaver... but it's not like it messes with his sanity since he has a log meter. Doesn't even lower health or really stutter. All it does is paint the annoying allergy UI. Seems like a bug, unless the idea is that while the werebeaver is not sneezing, his eyes are watering up?