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Melee fight with a Blue Whale

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First time since the last patch, I tracked down a whale. I wasn't really prepared for it, so I had no ranged weapons with me. So I was trying to dodge its attacks and land blows in between. The problem is, sailing up to it to the point the boat cannot move anymore, then attacking it causes the boat sail towards the whale further (beyond the previous limit), which is too slow with the boats acceleration which gives enough time for the whale to attack again. This felt similar to the other bug about trying to hammer wrecks other than the mast type. 

This was with Wilbur, on a cargo boat with iron wind, attacking a blue whale. While under the influence of coffee.

Steps to Reproduce
1- Obtain Cargo boat, iron wind, coffee, and a spear with Wilbur. 2- Track down a blue whale, equip spear and iron wind, drink coffee. 3- Get close to the whale, dodge it's attack and the waves, get as close to it as possible and attack. Expected: Attack succeeds. Actual: Wilbur tries to slowly get closer (despite not being able to do so in step 3) to the whale to attack.

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