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[Gameplay] Groundhog Day syndrome

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Hey guys,

OK. So this one is really weird. Strap on your seat belts.

Basically, each time I load my save, I'm back to day 112. The weirdest thing ? It actually saves my game, which means that, when I load my save, I'm back where I left my character when I saved, with my inventory as it was before exiting the game, and the world in the same state as it was. The season it was when I saved the game is also kept. But it's back to day 112.

The worst thing is that it's not just "cosmetic" : the fact I'm stuck on day 112 means that the Hounds attacks are set at its maximum level (except for the very first attack which counted 2 hounds, just like a regular one) and come back every 3 to 7 days. The other bad thing is that no matter what, each time I load a save, the moon phase is waning crescent, second day (IIRC).

I'm not entirely sure how I manage to screw up my save but here's what I did :

- It was a Wigfrid run
- I used the Teleportato just after the Hang Ten release in order to validate the days survived and unlock Walani.
- I exited to menu and did not touched the save until Wilbur vs the Volcano
- On load, I choosed Walani during character selection.
- The game started directly on World 2 - Day 112, which was the number of days I survived with Wigfrid.

The remote.zip file attached contains the corrupted save (I think we can call it that way), it's the third slot. The remoteold.zip contains an older backup I made for another bug report which contains the save before character's choice and wolrd generation, but after taking the Teleportato. Unfortunately, I don't have any older backup before taking the Teleportato. If need be, the second slot contains a Warly save at day 277, with the Teleportato fully assembled and Warly already on the small island waiting to use it. I have to admit I did not try to use it or even load the save after discovering the bug. Anyway, if there's anything else needed, please ask.

Cheers guys !



Steps to Reproduce
This is highly speculative and I'm not even sure it's reproducible. - Do a Wigfrid run with the original version of the game. Find and assemble the Teleportato. - Apply the Hang Ten update. Then use the teleportato. Do not continue, exit to menu. - Apply Eye of the Tiger Shark and Wilbur vs the Volcano updates - Load the save, during the character selection, choose Walani. - If the bug has been reproduced, you should be on world 2 with the number of days you've survived with Wigfrid.

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