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Game crash caused by Packim Baggins? Invisible spearguns?

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The game crashed shortly after I found Packim Baggins. I noticed Hotfix 168028 "Fixed a crash that happened when packim became unpoisoned." However, in this instance, the fish bone was found in a swamp. He flew through a poison cloud when he arrived and the crash happened shortly after (it might have worn off, but I'm not sure). Clicking "Exit Game" caused the Don't Starve client to crash with a Windows dialog.

Another thing I noticed in my games recently is that the spearguns (found by a raft) don't have a thumbnail when I pick them up. I tried to unload these on Packim a few seconds before the crash.



Steps to Reproduce
I tried to reproduce the crash by leading Packim through a poison cloud, but this didn't reproduce it. Perhaps the crash has more to do with the invisible spearguns (shown in weapon slot in crash_report_2), but before I could try encumbering him with these, I went through a fog cloud (teleported to the other side of the map) and Packim didn't follow. (It's been days and he still hasn't shown up. His icon is still at the map's edge pre-teleport, and I didn't want to spend sanity to retrieve him.) I don't know how to reproduce the invisible spearguns icon, but they have been invisible since I enabled console commands (though I haven't used console commands except for in one game, not this one). This bug could have coincided with the newest "Release the Quacken" update.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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