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died just after using seaworthy restarts in RoG

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I just tried Seaworthy from Shipwrecked to RoG and I died because of a shadow creature in RoG. I restarted in RoG even if I was playing Shipwrecked before. 

I don't know if it's a bug or not but maybe it's useful to improve early access of the Seaworthy funcion.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Steps to Reproduce
use seaworthy while mad and die just after the arrive in RoG

User Feedback

Hey @RoseG welcome to the forums. I could be wrong but to me this seems to be working as intended. If you die in a RoG world after using the SW Seaworthy, then clicking "Retry" you'd still be able to craft the RoG Seaworthy to go back to a SW world in that newly generated RoG world that generates after clicking "Retry". Although if you died in the RoG world (that was linked to a SW world) both RoG and SW worlds that were linked are gone permanently. So upon crafting the RoG Seaworthy, you can either generate a new SW world or link to another already existing SW world. I've discussed this with more detail in this post.

I hope that makes sense. Cheers.

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hey @Zillvr, thanks for your reply. Probably what you are saying makes sense but it was not what I was expecting when I died. A better solution in my opinion could be choosing between the two options, I hope in the future will be like this, even if I know at the moment Seaworthy is not stable.

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