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[Game Update] - 269380

Release Date: 05/22/18

Update Information:

This update was to clarify the wording for data opt-in in regards to the GDPR compliance.

Several bug fixes were included in the update as well.

There were some fixes in the update that were missed in the notes, listed below:


    Change List:

    Bug Fixes

    • Hackable plants don’t go from withered to full when fertilized now. 
    • Explosives will only “work” something if that thing can be worked (whale carcasses won’t be advanced a stage by an explosion until they are in their workable stage).
    • Obsidian spears, poison spears and sleep darts don’t trigger Elephant Cactus rebound damage now.
    • Hounds in a SW enabled ROG world won’t spawn in the water now
    • Water Crocodogs now spawn during flood season (which allows them to use their water shake effect)

      (EDIT: these fix notes where missing from the original post) 
    •  Fixed a error where season would sometimes be wrong when exiting from the Caves or Volcano
    •  Fixed a crash when going through fog on Shipwrecked
    •  Fixed a missing book animation in Vanilla Don't Starve

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