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[Game Update] - 233745

Release Date: 09/20/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

The Shipwrecked update has been in the beta for a week now. Thank you to everyone who's posted issues you've found. There are still a couple things I want to look into. One being some weirdness with the coffee plants I've seen mentioned a couple times, as well the Tiger Shark seems to be acting a little weird. I'll continue to monitor the bug tracker until we put the beta live, so please continue to post bugs you find there.

This update is live on the "beta" build on Steam. 


Edit: I deleted a previous post of this same update as I needed to change the format a bit, but I was unable to edit it. Sorry if that caused any confusion. 

Change List:

  • Fixed the missing crocodog worldgen image.
  • Sharx are back.
  • Fixed a duplication bug when using the orange amulet.
  • Ballphins won’t follow into the Volcano.
  • Quakendrill won’t spawn a second patch of tar.
  • Secondary fuel types work properly now.
  • Tarlamps remember if they were switched on or off between rows of the boat if held in the hand (though it’s still better to just put them on the boat light slot ).
  • Fixed the functional Tar Extractor when empty of fuel.
  • Fixed the harvesting and hammering at long ranges.
  • SW compatible ROG worlds won’t spawn crocodog waves, as well as the hound mounds won’t spawn crocodogs.
  • Fixed Iron Wind missing animation.
  • Fixed Dumbrella color bug.
  • Sea Chiminea hit animation fixed, looping animation fixed.
  • Cormorant inventory art and land art fixed.
  • Land seagull art fixed.
  • Sea Chiminea can be smothered now.
  • Filled in some missing examine text.
  • Some Shipwrecked useable recipes now don’t show in SW compatible ROG worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to place tar in the Volcano.
  • Cooked Roe can be used to make Caviar now.
  • Jumping from ship to ship won’t confuse the Sea Yard now.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the telescope
  • Lobsters won’t burn underwater.
  • Varg won’t crash when calling his hound buddies now.
  • Machines will override throwable targeting.
  • The Sea Legs will be able to turn on a tar extractor now.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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