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[Game Update] - 189297

Release Date: 08/31/16

Update Information:

Hey everybody!

You may have noticed from the bug tracker, we've been busy fixing bugs in DS and Shipwrecked. We're releasing the first set of bug fixes today, along with a profiling tool to help track down pesky performance issues.

Although we squashed a lot of bugs, we may not have gotten your Most Wanted bug. If that's the case, please head to the bug tracker and add more details to existing bugs so we can track them down, or report bugs that others may have missed!

Change List:


  • Added lots of new "place" sounds for buildings.

  • Put in a profiling and save submission tool to help track down performance issues. Please read the full thread here.


Bug Fixes

  • Prevent large saves in old worlds from crashing when merging SW and RoG.

  • Prevent trading/refusing from frozen creatures.

  • Boats will smash if they end up on land.

  • Fix Wolfgang animation bugs.

  • Fix Maxwell shadows getting stuck in boats if far away.

  • Fix issue with placing queued structures after wearing brain hat.

  • Tentacles are no longer summoned on the water.

  • Doydoys correctly drop loot, even if they die in your inventory from being fed bad food.

  • Lighter no longer activates if equipped while rowing.

  • Lureplant correctly shows items now.

  • Fix issues where incorrect instrument was showing while boating.

  • Poison now shows as a cause of death in the morgue.

  • Monkeyball sounds better near walls.

  • Player can “ingest” venom glands by clicking on themselves

  • Proper animation plays when player gives venom glands to other poisoned targets.

  • Lots of examine and character speech typo fixes.

  • Lots of sound playback issues fixed.

  • Sandhills can now be destroyed.

  • Make sure Rocky overpopulation fixes are properly included in Shipwrecked DLC, as well as other herd-related cleanup.

  • Sunken Boats no longer appear in Adventure mode.

  • Now Wildbore won’t run off into the distance when they walk if they lose their target.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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