[Game Update] - 468398

Release Date: 06/18/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey everyone! Today's patch fixes several crashes and issues when playing the Base Game, so that should work much better now if you try it.

There is a known issue that OSX versions of public_test crash if you have any mods subscribed.

Take care and have a good weekend!


New and Improved

  • Added Starmap Interplanetary Payload inflight sound
  • Base Game: All traits, including skill-granting traits, which aren't specific to Radiation or Multi-Asteroid space have been merged down to the Base Game
  • Base Game: Radioactive Contaminants are no longer present in the base game
  • Base Game: Rads tool is no longer available in the base game sandbox tools
  • Increased the amount of Cobalt Ore in the Swamp
  • Classic Style Terra Cluster’s second asteroid:
  • Worldgen: Removed Jungle and added Forest.
  • Worldgen: Moved starting location down so it doesn’t appear right below the crust.

Bug Fixes

  • Base Game: Removed a number of Spaced Out!-specific entries from the Codex
  • Base Game: Storages no longer drop their contents when loading a base game save into the preview build.
  • Base Game: Removed message saying 0 research modules installed on the base game starmap screen.
  • Base Game: Suit durability is "Indestructible" by default in Base Game
  • Base Game: Fix crash when building a Molecular Forge in Base Game
  • Base Game: Remove Spaced Out! recipes from the various cooking stations, preventing crashes.
  • Base Game: Removed the artifact analysis skill from the Aesthetic Design skill
  • Base Game: Fixed issue causing some Spaced Out! content to show up in the codex when playing the base game
  • Entombed Building Diagnostic now works
  • Various typo fixes and description tweaks


  • Improved performance of opening the Load Game screen by 50%
  • Fixed stutter at the Main Menu caused by the Resume Game button refreshing. Also improved its performance by 70%
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Entombed Buildings Diagnostic


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