[Game Update] - 467601

Release Date: 06/11/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends, we've got some updates to the Diamond Press as well as a couple crashfixes and restoring the missing valves. Another update to the modding system comes with this as well, I'll be updating the relevant posts shortly. Thanks and have a great weekend!


  • Increased Diamond Press recipe mass and work time leading to significantly more diamond throughput.
  • Diamond press radbolt storage capacity adjusted to 2x diamond recipe radbolt requirement.
  • Added Rover Codex entry
  • Modding: Harmony dll now targets the 4.7.1 .net framework. Mod projects will have to be re-targeted to compile.
  • Radbolt Engine and Diamond Press meters are more granular.
  • Worldgen: Tuning changes to the Terra Cluster Spaced Out style (WIP)
    • Added small number of Frozen biomes below the surface
    • Added guaranteed Cool Salt Slush and Cool Slush geysers
    • Increased amount of water in the starting biome
    • Slightly increased starting biome size
    • Decreased size of Barren biome


  • Worldgen: Marshy Asteroid's Experiment 2B is now located further away from the surface.
  • Meter Valves are now available in Spaced Out again.
  • Fixed crash on Rocket landing with DLC disabled.
  • Fixed issue preventing change of Duplicant selection in the skills screen.
  • Update DLC toggle popup text as a download is no longer required.
  • Game now properly restarts when toggling DLC from the main menu.


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