[Game Update] - 466411

Release Date: 06/03/21

Update Information:


Hi friends!

Welcome to the Mine The Gap Update for Spaced Out! This update brings increased resource renewability with the introduction of Space Points-Of-Interest! Equip a rocket with the new Drillcone and start dredging those interplanetary riches!

While you're out there, keep your eyes open for artifacts! Yes, Gravitas artifacts are back! Collect them all from a number of new and updated points-of-interest. Once you're done gathering them, you can teach your Duplicants the "Demolition" Skill and wipe those Gravitas buildings off the map if you feel so inclined. (World regen is required for the new points-of-interest to show up.)

We've also done some significant rebalancing of the tech tree as we work to optimally integrate new mechanics into existing gameplay. The Atomic Collider and Atomic Research Points are being redesigned as the Materials Study Terminal and Materials Science Research so they’re more thematically neutral for application across the tech tree. Techs have been shifted around and costs have been standardized (including moving all Orbital Research costs up one tier) to reduce the burden on unlocking tier 5 techs.

Plus, we've made changes to the Radbolt Generators and adjusted the overall radiation balance. There is now increased control over Diagnostics criteria on the Diagnostics screen. Biome Codex entries have been finished up. And, some exciting new changes to bottled gasses and liquids: they can now liquify/solidify if they get cold enough!

This update provides new sources of sustainability and a whole new layer of gameplay on the starmap. We welcome your feedback and bug reports! Once again, thanks so much for being with us through this DLC's Early Access period.

What else is going on during Klei Fest?


Don’t Starve Together is celebrating summer with the "Midsummer Cawnival!". Our survivors have been greeted by the enigmatic Corvus Goodfeather, who needs a bit of help preparing the festivities for his crow compatriots. Decorate, try your luck at the Cawnival games, and maybe even win some prizes!

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Hot Lava is having a special Klei Fest Tournament - a new trial course which pits players against a diabolically Klei-swag-outfitted LORD SLUDGE! 

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Griftlands has left Early Access and the full campaign is now available! Play as Sal, Rook, or Smith. Three unique character campaigns with their own specialized decks, abilities and maps to explore. Griftlands launches with a 20% discount for Klei Fest. 

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What's New And Improved?


  • Added Space POI locations with renewable resources.
  • Added Drillcone rocket module for harvesting space POIs.
  • Added Diamond Press building for converting refined carbon to diamond.
  • Restored artifacts to Spaced Out! and distributed them to new terrestrial POIs.
  • Added Artifact transport module for moving artifacts between worlds.
  • Added ability to toggle specific diagnostic criteria in the diagnostics screen.    
  • Add CustomGameSetting to toggle Teleporters.
  • Added sounds to plant mutations.
  • Added Botanical Analyzer sounds + duplicant interact sounds.
  • Added sounds for second Spaced Out! main menu duplicant.
  • Added Radbolt Rocket Engine Sound.
  • Added sounds for Experiment 52B.

Changes and Improvements

  • Many POI buildings are now demolishable by skilled Duplicants.
  • Bottled Gasses and Liquids can now condense/freeze.
  • Ores and Bottles will now produce secondary elements during phase transitions, e.g. Bottles of polluted water will make both dirt and steam when heated.
  • Foods in vacuum now use exclusively their internal temperature to decide if they are refrigerated or not.
  • Replaced Atomic Collider with Materials Study Terminal.
  • Tech tree changes including adding new categories, moving buildings, and adjusting tier costs so they scale better.
  • Changed visual order of unlocked items within a research tech.
  • Radbolt generators can be configured to emit at up to 500 particle intervals.
  • Radbolt tuning changes to prevent obvious feedback loops. Some radiation is emitted in the form of fallout on impacts.
  • Added meter to Radbolt Generator.
  • Asteroid selector rows display a status item based on pertinent diagnostics.
  • Added “remaining cargo capacity” status items to rockets in flight with cargo modules.
  • Updated codex strings from several Biomes.
  • Updated codex entries for several plants.
  • Added additional codex lore entries.
  • Updated Korean and Russian translations.
  • Rocket visual takeoff speed is now based on rocket height rather than module count. Also re-tuned the takeoff acceleration curves.
  • Small tweaks to rocket exhaust animations.
  • Added a two second "landing cooldown" where rockets keep igniting while they're on the pad.
  • Added rocket engine shutoff animations.
  • Tuned Rocket Conduit Port audio mix, adjust timing of sound events.
  • Tweaked the meter colours on some storage buildings to work when colourblind modes are turned on or off.
  • Cost of first tech tier requiring Materials Science Research increased from 5 to 20 points.

Bug Fixes

  • Rocket window tiles are no longer replaceable.
  • Duress to Impress effect is now applied when loading a save with an already stressed Duplicant.
  • Sublimation Station no longer ignores gas pressure limit if a solid tile is built above it.
  • Fixed issue causing Duplicants to sometimes leave rockets at launch.
  • Fixed crash that could occur on rocket launch.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when selecting the printing pod.
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing Trailblazer Module.
  • Downgraded possible crash when ores melt to a log warning.
  • Crash Report Screen now uploads the correct save file automatically when you report the crash.
  • Fixed crashes relating to missing UI icons - a default sprite is now substituted for missing UI icons.
  • Fixed missing Beetiny hit sound.
  • Fixed missing Beeta chew sound.
  • Building complete sound no longer plays when Plug Slugs sleep.
  • Fixed missing geyser sounds for new geysers/volcanos.
  • Fixed main menu animation issue.
  • Fix issue where rockets loaded in the takeoff or landing states would not animate their engines or release exhaust.
  • Fixed a couple visual glitches with rockets taking off/landing and skipping around or disappearing.
  • Fix rocket engine startup animations not playing sometimes.
  • Fix issue  where rockets would appear to be on the pad right after loading, even if they were in flight.
  • Trailblazer Module no longer plays the landing animation when already landed.        
  • Fixed issue preventing codex from showing accurate plant and critter references in some biome pages.
  • Fixed Experiment 52B description to say it emits Resin instead of Isoresin.
  • Improvements to rules for generating Classic Style Terra to reduce worldgen failures.
  • Fixed status pop text effects being visible across world boundaries.
  • Fixed UI elements and overlay info being displayed across world boundaries.
  • Diagnostic rows update when changing worlds with the screen open.
  • Fixed issue sometimes causing erroneous diagnostic results.
  • Diagnostic suggestions (such as rocket in space without destination) now show in white text instead of a nearly invisible grey.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when switching worlds after an Atmo Suit was destroyed.




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