[Game Update] - 465243

Release Date: 05/26/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey friends!

Today's update includes some significant tuning to the Space POIs, as well a couple crash fixes and lots of polish and new sounds. Thanks for taking the time to check out these work-in-progress features and giving us your experiences, we really appreciate it!


  • Added sounds to plant mutations.
  • Added Botanical Analyzer sounds + duplicant interact sounds.
  • Added sounds for second Spaced Out! main menu duplicant.
  • Added Radbolt Rocket Engine Sound.


  • Added Space POI resource mass distribution values to details screen.
  • Updated Diagnostic Screen criteria UI.
  • Space POI resource tuning changes.
  • Updates to material research center art.
  • Added placeholder Gravitas pedestal art.
  • New Harvestable Space POI artwork.
  • New Harvestable Space POI descriptions


  • Fixed typo in Materials Study Terminal.
  • Fixed line drawing layout issue in research screen.
  • Fixed issue causing drillcone to be functionally shorter than its artwork.
  • Fixed issue allowing extra artifact harvesting from space POIs
  • Fix rocket engine startup animations not playing sometimes.
  • Fix another case where rockets would appear to be on the pad right after loading, even if they were in flight.
  • Diagnostic suggestions (such as rocket in space without destination) now show in white text instead of a nearly invisible grey.
  • A default sprite is now substituted for missing UI icons instead of crashing.
  • Downgraded possible crash when ores melt to a log warning.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when selecting the printing pod.


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