[Game Update] - 464434

Release Date: 05/18/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey everyone!

Today's patch contains fixes for some common crashes that have cropped up, as well as fixing new seed delivery strangeness related to mutants.

Take care!


  • Sublimation Station emission cell moved one space down to make it consistent with the Oxygen Diffuser and to prevent emissions from destroying solid cells above


  • Worldgen: Fixed an issue preventing some POIs from being selected.
  • Fix crash when two different mutations of Sleet Wheat or Nosh Bean land in the same spot
  • Fix a case where plant mutations weren't being copied between seeds correctly. This was leading to weird behaviour and crashes in various places. Fixes duplicants dropping seeds when taking from a stack in a locker
  • Prevent Duplicants from fetching multiple seeds of different mutant types. Fixes seeds being dropped if they were in a locker next to each other
  • Fixed crash unpacking Interplanetary Payloads during or after landing


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