[Game Update] - 464102

Release Date: 05/14/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends!

We've got a patch for Spaced Out! that enables mutations on Sleet Wheat, Nosh Sprouts, and Gas Grass. It also fixes a few crashes and other bugs. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


  • Sleet Wheat and Nosh Sprouts now roll for mutations across their entire crop, rather than not at all
  • Gas Grass is now a normal seed producer for Spaced Out
  • Symbol tinting/scaling works for all plants now. This creates new visual differences for Bountiful, Exuberant, and Juicy Fruits mutations
  • Revised Metallic biome icon
  • Rocket Port building strings updated
  • Updated Simplified Chinese strings


  • Saturn Critter Trap no longer says it can mutate its seeds
  • Hooked up missing Saturn Critter Trap Seed artwork
  • Fix crash when toggling compost on mutant seeds
  • Fix a case where multiple rockets launching on separate worlds could emit gasses into the wrong world or not at all
  • Only play the "launch ignition" animation on rockets when taking off, not landing
  • Fix case where rocket ports would appear to be offline even though they were loading or unloading a rocket
  • Worldgen: Fixed border temperature gradient sometimes having its temperatures swapped
  • Worldgen: Extreme temperature borders now have a less extreme temperature in the middle
  • Pause screen now appears above other screens


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