[Game Update] - 461546

Release Date: 04/26/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi everyone! We're made lots of fixes to worldgen to further prevent temperature leakage between biomes, as well as some POI fixes. Thanks for all your feedback and examples!


  • Marshy Asteroid now always has at least some Jungle.
  • Improved preventing POIs breaking high temperature borders.
  • Fixed an issue where the starting asteroid in Classic Style Terra Cluster generated few or no Oil Reservoirs.
  • Improved Abyssalite border drawing to prevent small amounts of magma appearing on the wrong side of the border.
  • Prevent terrain "features" from drawing over adjacent biomes of a different type.
  • Improved border temperature gradient in extreme temperature cases. It's not perfect yet.
  • Slight improvement to spawning POIs in the magma core of the Marshy Asteroid.
  • Increased water mass on Water Asteroid to prevent significant water receding due to liquid compression.


  • Fixed issue that could occur when revealing asteroids with liquid surfaces
  • Rockets are once again able to fly through Rocket Platforms and other rockets - though they cannot idle overlapping with them.


  • Updated Russian translations


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