[Game Update] - 460813

Release Date: 04/20/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hello everyone,

Here's the last big patch before Thursday's update. Thanks for all the feedback on the new clusters these last two weeks! We still have more changes we'd like to make in later releases (including custom game settings for the Teleporters) so continue letting us know how your colonies are progressing! As always, let us know if you see anything wrong, and have a great day!

World Gen Changes

  • Moved the location of the starting biomes down slightly in the Terra, Forest, & Swamp Spaced Out! Style clusters, they were slightly too high after adding extra room to the top of each world.
  • Moved the Niobium Volcano back below the surface on the Niobium Asteroid.
  • Moved starting island on Water Moonlet down lower.
  • Increased cave size on Spaced Out! Style Terra Cluster in the starting biome.
  • Made Moo Asteroid wider and shorter
  • Added a guaranteed Chlorine Gas Vent to the Moo Asteroid.
  • Removed hard surface border from Moo Asteroid.
  • Prevent POIs from overlapping extreme temperature borders.
  • Adjusted geysers on Marshy Asteroid.
  • Minor adjustments to minimum biome distribution on the closest asteroid in Spaced Out! style clusters.
  • Improved Abyssalite border drawing in extreme temperature cases to prevent magma from spilling over into adjacent biomes.
  • Removed surface Abyssalite border from Classic-style Sandstone cluster.

Other Changes

  • Rocket Platform is now a "Foundation" building, it can be built floating in the air and Duplicants can stand on top of it.Art adjusted accordingly.
  • Put the Gantry back into the game.
  • Tweaks to Rocket Port automation so materials never get stuck in the building. Materials always either get into the rocket or into the pipe.
  • Rocket Loader/Unloader Ports now require constructing on ground/tiles.
  • Updated Gassy Mooteor spawning and impact rules.
  • Updated Swampy Biome codex entry.
  • Updated AI Research Note codex entry.
  • Starmap rockets and Interplanetary Payloads align correctly to their paths, and animate between hexes at a fixed speed.
  • Interplanetary Payloads immediately travel to orbit just like rockets.
  • All filterable storage buildings now show a tint/status item if no filter has been selected. Notably: rocket ports, cargo modules, and oxidizer tanks.
  • "Flight Path Obstructed" notification will go directly to the affected rocket when clicked.
  • New art for Niobium Volcano.
  • Updated Cluster Category Selection Screen's Spaced Out! style menu art.
  • Updated UI art to match the temp art for Rocket Port Loaders.
  • Added UI icons for new clusters (Spaced Out! Forest start asteroid, Classic Style Sandstone start asteroid, Forest asteroid)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing Gassy Mooteors from periodically spawning.
  • The "Resume" button in the main menu will load the latest DLC/Vanilla save, instead of disappearing if the top save is of the wrong type.
  • Rocket Ports once again have pipe blocked/empty status items.
  • Research Reactor no longer repeatedly plays ore absorption sound while operating.
  • Grounded rockets no longer show paths on the starmap.
  • Fixed issue causing rockets in orbit without fuel to be stranded.
  • Fix possible crash when destroying rocket spacefarer modules.
  • Fixed issue preventing Gassy Mooteor fart cloud from being visible.


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