[Game Update] - 460438

Release Date: 04/16/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hello friends!

Today's patch is pretty significant, containing a big update of the Rocket Ports and Cargo Bays as well as some significant iteration on the classic Terra cluster. Updated animations and a bunch of crash fixes round out the patch. Thanks for all the feedback, discussion, and bug reports this week, and have a great weekend!


  • Rocket Ports have been split into two buildings each, one for loading and one for unloading for each of solid/liquid/gas conduit types. Any existing rocket ports in your saves will become "Loaders" and new "Unloaders" will have to be added!
  • Add most of the sounds for Research Reactor.
  • Add sounds for Nuclear Waste comet travelling and exploding.
  • Mix work on Research Reactor meltdown.
  • Added codex lore entries relating to Teleporter Transmitter and Receiver

Worldgen Changes

  • Changes to the classic style Terra Cluster
    • Added Wasteland biome to the Terra moonlet.
    • Added Uranium source to the Terra moonlet.
    • Added voles & regolith back to the surface of the Terra moonlet.
    • Shrunk the Terra moonlet by approximately 10%.
    • Combined the two closest moonlets into a single larger world.
    • Fixed bug preventing random geysers from spawning in this cluster.


  • Changes to other clusters
    • The starting biomes of the Spaced Out! style Terra and swamp clusters now expand out into the first ring on each moonlet, effectively increasing their size.
    • Moved the Dreckos from the Radioactive moonlet to the Swamp moonlet in the Spaced Out! style Swamp Cluster.


Other Changes

  • Major overhaul of the internals of Rocket Ports. They now work much more reliably, start and stop correctly, and correctly update the rocket's checklist correctly.
  • Now the Launch Pad Automation Input "takes over" launch control, either triggering launch or cancelling it based on the signal, so it can be reliably used to start and stop launches.
  • Added Element Filters to both Cargo Bays and Rocket Ports. Ports will load only materials requested by Cargo Bays onto rockets, and will only unload materials requested by Rocket Ports.
  • Added a mass slider to all Cargo Bays
  • Adjusted internal storages of the Rocket Ports to match the capacity of the plumbing.
  • Reduced power consumption of the Rocket Ports.
  • Storage filter side screens now unfold categories with selected elements when the building is selected.
  • Updated Gassy Mooteor animation
  • Added strings for Cobalt Volcano.
  • Updated Rust and Sandstone biome descriptions.
  • Updated Solar Panel Module strings
  • Minor updates to Research Reactor animation
  • Updated Gassy Mooteor flight path and removed Genetic Ooze impact ore shrapnel
  • Changes to Lead Suit Dock animation
  • Adjustments to dynamic music playback when a Research Reactor meltdown occurs.
  • Updated Duplicant Errand name for Duplicants getting into their assigned rocket.


  • Fix rockets emitting heat and gas in stacked worlds
  • Fix crash that could happen if two Spacefarer modules were built at the same time.
  • Fixed incorrect UI art for Terra starting asteroid
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a Solar Panel Module was exposed to light on the surface
  • Fix crash that would happen once the 246th Spacefarer module built in a save.
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing Spacefarer modules with buildings on the edges of the screen (outside the rocket walls)
  • Change to prevent building on the top two rows of a world similar to the base game.
  • Fixed minor animation layout issue on cluster category selection screen.
  • Meltdown stinger plays every time a Research Reactor meltdown is occurring, whether it's a new meltdown or loading a game with an active meltdown
  • Orbital Cargo Module's mass slider correctly updates the launch checklist.
  • Manually loaded and plumbing loaded cargoes now have separate entries on the launch checklist
  • Fixed issue causing rockets to sometimes operate at reduced speed
  • Fixed issue causing rockets not to display status travel time estimate status item during flight
  • Fixed issue allowing rocket Cargo Transfer Complete checklist item to briefly show incorrect status


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