[Game Update] - 459902

Release Date: 04/13/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends!

We're really enjoying all your feedback on the new worlds. There are certainly a lot of different perspectives on what makes ONI fun! While we may never be able to reconcile them all, these kinds of multifaceted (and civil) discussions really help shine light on different parts of the problem. Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute!

As always, please let us know if any new bugs have cropped up in preview, and enjoy the patch!


  • Added art for Cobalt Geyser
  • Added unique UI icons for all asteroids
  • Updates to Solar Panel Module art
  • Added sounds for a Duplicant emptying out a Beeta Hive
  • Added sounds for Beeta Hive


  • Solar Panel Module generates max power while in space
  • Add/Change rocket module sidescreen now shows the engine's maximum supported rocket height in module button tooltips
  • Details screen now shows rocket height and max rocket height under the rocketry header
  • Added a conduit colour to Molten Cobalt
  • Removed electricity effects from Research Reactor art
  • Codex entry updates for some biomes
  • Clarification in Space Travel System codex entry


  • Fixed issue allowing germ duplication in falling water
  • Reduced thickness of world borders on the second and third worlds in the Classic Sandstone Cluster to make more room for world features to spawn & reduce the number of failed world generations.
  • Solar panel module no longer shows "no wire connected" status item
  • Rocket habitat modules no longer provide free steel and diamond when deconstructed.
  • Rocket habitat modules return correct masses for solid/vent/mesh tiles in their interiors when deconstructed.
  • Fixed issues causing Add/Change rocket module sidescreen to sometimes give incorrect information in module button tooltips.
  • Duplicants once again close their eyes while chewing
  • Fixed issue causing launching rockets to disappear before reaching the top edge of the map.
  • Fixed several diagnostic states that were unintentionally upgraded to 'red' status
  • Fixed a few harsh transitions in Research Reactor animation playback
  • Research Reactor's Radioactive Comets no longer collide with the building itself while it’s melting down.


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