[Game Update] - 458389

Release Date: 03/31/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey friends!

One last patch before tomorrow's release, we've cleaned up a bunch of the Interplanetary Launcher behaviours and added a new building, the Targeting Beacon, for guiding those payloads in to a dedicated landing site. Enjoy!



  • Added Targeting Beacon building, which guides Payloads to land in a more consistent location


  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Tweaked Beeta radiation emission values
  • Updated Uranium item and UI artwork
  • Interplanetary Payloads are smaller on the cluster map and don't have names, constant paths, or progress bars
  • Launch cost of the Interplanetary Launcher is reduced and varies by distance. Decreased radbolt storage capacity
  • Interplanetary Payloads instantly land when in orbit just like rockets
  • Interplanetary Launcher requires power when launching
  • Interplanetary Launcher can now be toggled by automation
  • Updated art and animations for the Interplanetary Launcher


  • Fixed more cases where Duplicants would have incorrect facial effects
  • Orbital Cargo Module and Interplanetary Launcher now can transport items in the Edible, Cooking Ingredients, and Medicine categories


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